Dead Eagle Trail by Jane Hilton
DEAD EAGLE TRAIL - Portraits of the American Cowboy
Since 2006 Jane Hilton has 'collected' this series of cowboy portraits, from the buckaroos of Nevada to the cowpunchers of Arizona and Texas. They have all been photographed in their own homes, which they have filled with western artefacts. The need to hold on to their heritage and culture is clearly visible: stuffed animals, belt buckles, spurs, John Wayne memorabilia, guns, boots, and saddles, it's all there. There's a craving to collect and preserve their way of life as the ranches struggle to survive in the face of new technology, and the rising costs of feed and petrol. Dead Eagle Trail is a document to the cowboy of the twenty first century.

Hardcover: 96 pages / 326 x 260 mm
Publisher: Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam
1st Edition published 21 April 2010
Distribution: Thames & Hudson Ltd / Ingram Publishing Services in North America
ISBN: 978 90 5330 717 5
Pages 2 & 3

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