Jane Hilton, photographer and filmmaker lives in London. She started out as a classical musician, graduating in 1984 with a BA (Hons) in Music and Visual Art from Lancaster University. Her love of photography brought her to London, working as an assistant for numerous fashion and advertising photographers, before going it alone in 1988. Early work included both fashion and editorial alongside her documentary projects, which is the mainstay and passion of her work today.

"My work is about the extraordinary realities of ordinary people's everyday lives, revealing their individual characteristics and ways of being that one so often overlooks."

It was on her first trip to Arizona in 1988, that she discovered an obsession for America and American culture. The contradictions in American society and the American dream is a recurring theme. Her work in Las Vegas is the epitome of this, where the line between fantasy and reality is constantly blurred. The transient nature of Vegas mixed with the incessant gambling philosophy provides a unique breeding ground for characters who live out these contradictions. Her series "Forever Starts Now" on the McDonald's style wedding culture illustrates this.

From proclamations of everlasting happiness in Vegas, Jane hit the empty desert roads of Nevada ending up 350 miles away near Reno, where a roadside brothel called 'Madam Kitty's Cathouse' caught her eye. This chance encounter became a two year project and resulted in a ten-part documentary series for the BBC, "The Brothel / Love For Sale", as well as a series of exhibitions on desert landscapes, pimps and prostitutes.

Inspired by a commission in 2006 to photograph a 17 year old cowboy, Jeremiah Karsten, who travelled 4,000 miles on horseback from his native Alaska to Mexico, Jane set off on her own four year pilgrimage, criss crossing the cowboy states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming to capture America's 21st century cowboys which culminated in her 2010 book - "Dead Eagle Trail".

For her latest book Jane has returned to the brothels of Nevada. "Precious" is a collection of intimate nude portraits of working girls from the only state in America where prostitution is legal. The women are all from different cultural backgrounds and the variety of ages and body shapes represented challenge the traditional idea of beauty. Jane was privileged to stay in many of the brothels during this project and the trust and friendship this engendered is clear in the portraits.

Jane's work is regularly published in The Sunday Times Magazine and The Telegraph Magazine.


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2012 (Dec-Jan) Christmas Salon - Eleven Fine Art, London

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1996 America - The Association Gallery, London


2012 Telegraph Magazine 'The woman behind the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding dresses' - The real stars of television's Big Fat Gypsy Weddings are Thelma Madine's jaw-dropping dresses

2011 Telegraph Magazine 'After The Gold Rush' - Four years ago Las Vegas was on a roll, its booming casino-led economy funding a raft of increasingly flamboyant new hotels. Then its luck ran out, and the fastest-growing city in the US became America's foreclosure capital.

2010 Telegraph Magazine 'Follow the Bear' - Main feature on Scottish wrestler and his wife who brought up a grizzly bear

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2010 NRC Magazine, Amsterdam, 'Wild Amerikaans' Cover Story - Main feature on Jane's book 'Dead Eagle Trail'

2010 Telegraph Magazine 'Once Upon A Time in the West' Cover Story - Main feature on 'Dead Eagle Trail'. 'Their way of life may be in decline but, as a new book of photographs by Jane Hilton shows, America's cowboys are dying with their boots on'

2010 HotShoe Magazine - Jane Hilton 'Dead Eagle Trail' - 10 page feature on Jane's book of cowboy portraits, from the buckaroos of Nevada to the cowpunchers of Arizona and Texas

2010 The Telegraph Magazine 'Crunch Time' Cover Story - on set with Matt Smith, the brand new Doctor Who

2009 The Telegraph Magazine 'Medium Waves' Cover Story - Chris Evans, a revolutionary talent seemingly always on the brink of self destruction prepares to slip into Terry Wogan's old slippers at BBC Radio 2

2009 The Telegraph Magazine's 'Don't Stop the Music' Cover Story - Jamie Cullum, from collaborating with Clint Eastwood to getting engaged to Sophie Dahl, has had a life changing year as his much anticipated third album is released, he talks about love, ignoring the critics and mix tapes

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2007 The Sunday Times Magazine 'Silent Carers' Cover Story - about young children who miss out on childhood while they look after their parents. Christmas Appeal for 2007

2007 The Telegraph Magazine 'Ancient and Modern' - the youngest choristers of St. Pauls Cathedral School

2007 The Telegraph Magazine 2007 'Hit Parade' - story of Ricky Hatton preparing for the biggest fight of his life

2007 The Telegraph Magazine 'Top Notch' - former head girls aged 19yrs to 70yrs are asked if being a head girl led them to success

2007 The Telegraph Magazine 'A Winning Formula' Cover Story - Lewis Hamilton, our new star of motor racing

2007 The Telegraph Magazine 'New Perspectives' - Seven leading photographers in their field shoot an image of the new Ford Mondeo car. Jane shoots the Art Photograph

2006 The Telegraph Magazine 'Strictly Playroom' Cover Story - Toddlers and children following competitive ballroom dancing

2006 The Times Magazine 'Wandering Star' - youngest cowboy, aged 19, to cross the US from Alaska to Mexico on horseback

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Love for Sale - ten documentary films made for the BBC, based in two brothels just outside Carson City, Nevada

  • The Lady in Red
  • The Birthday Party
  • The Graduate
  • LA Story
  • It's a Family Affair
  • Pimpmaster General
  • The Graduate
  • The Post Graduate
  • Service with A Smile
  • The Happy Hooker

The Minister's Story - Ministers share their stories of marriages they've conducted in Las Vegas. This was shown at "The Magic Hour" Exhibition in Graz